Alessandro Bramucci

Alessandro Bramucci

Research Associate and Lecturer

Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR Berlin)

About me

Hi! I am an economist based in Berlin, Germany. I have 5+ years of coding experience in R in different academic projects. I am passionate about R in particular for macroeconomic modelling and macroeconomic data analysis. I am also interested in economic policy in Europe and occasionally I write articles on economic policy issues.

Here you can find my cv.

And here the complete list of my articles.

  • Macroeconomic modelling & data analysis
  • Pluralism in economics education
  • Demand and growth regimes
  • PhD (Dottorato di ricerca) in Economics and Management, 2015

    University of Urbino

  • MA in International Economics, 2013

    Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR Berlin)

  • MA (Laurea Specialistica) in Philosophy, 2010

    University of Urbino

  • BA (Laurea Triennale) in Philosophy, 2007

    University of Urbino


Using R


Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR Berlin) & IPE Berlin
Research Associate
Oct 2017 – Aug 2022 Berlin (DE)

I have worked mainly on two projects, MGWK and WIPOSIM, where we have developed economic policy simulators for educational purposes using R and RStudio. My responsibilities included:

  • Programming of the simulators in R Shiny
  • Drafting of explanatory texts for the simulations
  • Editorial work on the text using the bookdown package
Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR Berlin)
Apr 2016 – Present Berlin (DE)

Over the years I have taught several courses:

  • Business Economics (WS 2017-18)
  • Economics Tutorium (WS 2016-17)
  • International Economics (SS 2016, SS 2018)
  • Macroeconomics: The Economic Cycle and Employment (SS 2016, WS 2016-17, SS 2017, SS 2018, WS 2018-19, SS 2019)
  • Quantitative Methods for Economists (WS 2017-18, WS 2018-19, WS 2019-20, WS 2020-21, WS 2021-22, WS 2022-23)
  • Research Methods Seminar (WS 2019-20)


R Programming
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Introduction to Python
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Intermediate SQL Queries
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Introduction to Git
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