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Model-theoretic Foundations of Controversies in Economic Policy (MGWK)

Together with Eckhard Hein, Achim Truger and Franz Prante

Goal of the project MGWK (short for the German Modelltheoretische Grundlagen wirtschaftspolitischer Kontroversen) was to develop a didactic tool to teach macroeconomic interactively and from a pluralist perspective. Text and simulations are available in English and German.

📖 You can access the English version of the book here:

📖 And here the German version:

In the book we offer a series of interactive illustrations where the users take control of various economic policy instruments, reacting to economic problems using the appropriate policy measures.

💻 Scenarios based on the 3-equation model of the new consensus:

💻 Alternative scenarios based on the modification of the 3-equation model:

➡️ We have also created interactive applications that allow to play around with the 3-equation model of the new consensus:

The remaining apps and scenarios are accessible in the online book in the relative chapters. Have fun with the book❗

Visit also the project website! (in German)

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